Park School is dedicated to creating a community of engaged, challenged and empowered young people, life-long learners and responsible, compassionate citizens of the world.

Why Choose Park School?

Park School is a small, nurturing school dedicated to creating a community of engaged, unique and empowered young people in grades 8-12.

Our students are generally of average to above average intelligence and are interested in attending post-secondary education. Our location in central Charlottesville allows us to access the resources and to take advantage of the opportunities for enrichment the downtown area has to offer.

Park School was intentionally designed with the non-traditional learner in mind–children who find traditional public and private school classroom environments to be disincentives for learning. Whether your child is a non-traditional learner, finds it hard to fit in, struggles with emotional issues that do not require intensive monitoring, or simply thrives in an environment that is safe, small in numbers, loving, and flexible, Park School may be a good fit.

The whole world is our classroom.  We offer one-on-one and small group instruction; infuse traditional academic content with the arts; and require all students to participate in experiential and service learning.

We will meet your child where she or he is by developing an educational plan that is specific to his or her needs.  As each student grows and develops, progress is reviewed and the goals and learning plan are modified.