Student Testimonials

I attend Park School and I LOVE it! It is the best school for kids that need one-on-one attention. This school is the most fun because we not only study, but also go on many field trips… This year, I would have to say is the best! Our schedule allows us to complete our core classes by 1:00pm. We have lunch, then we work in study hall which provides us with individual tutoring and extra help, as well as finishing up homework so our study load will not be too much at home. To end our day, we join in specials, which have included Spanish culture, medieval studies, music, park adventures, plays, and many more new ventures for the year. Throughout the day we are busy learning, exploring, and even sometimes, eating lunch at the downtown mall!” ~Park School student.

“I came to Park School because it was a place I could fit in. The school work is individualized to meet my educational needs and the students do not judge me for my creativity and individuality.” ~Park School student.

I enjoy the Park School because I have greater opportunities than I did in Public School. For example, I have made better grades because I am able to focus on my homework and not stress. I don’t have to worry about being bullied or picked on … I attend school with remarkable people that have become great friends.”  ~Park School student.

Park School has helped me recognize the importance of school. The students…are like family. We are responsible for our problems and (for) resolving them. At Park School, I have learned to be more independent as a person and student.”  ~Park School student.