Parent Testimonials

Park School has provided a flexible learning environment that has enabled my child to achieve self-motivation and real success for his future. This is an establishment that is able to provide accredited standards of learning that are truly individualized to each student.”  ~Park School parent

For most of my daughter’s life she faced hard-to-define learning challenges, never believed in her own abilities, fell through the cracks in public school, was bullied and fell into a deep depression. After a long struggle with self-injury and self-doubt, we found a place where she is rediscovering the love of learning, has become a leader, and looks forward to school every day. I can’t thank the staff of Park School enough for creating a safe, loving, affirmative, flexible learning environment that is designed to ensure to the success of all students.” ~Park School Parent

“The transition to Middle School last year was just too much for my son. His IEP supported him in Elementary School, but once we transitioned to Middle School, the same IEP made it all too easy for students to ostracize him and bully him because of his need for additional assistance. Park School provides 1-on-1 instruction for my son and more opportunity for art, music and alternate ways of learning which fits his style of learning. After just one year of attending the Park School, my son is now more confident and loves school. Thank you Park School!” ~Jessica Baines, Park School Parent