The Park School offers a focused academic program for students who learn differently.  The unique needs of each student are recognized and a specialized program is developed accordingly.

We are not a traditional special needs school.  A designation of a particular disability is not required as in many small private schools.  Our environment has proven very successful for students with ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger’s and emotional needs.

We challenge our students to do their best, and thus they are not focused on mastering a required standard assessment.  Our students follow an approved curriculum taught by certified teachers: we use many of the same textbooks and materials as used in a traditional school, but in a manner that more closely matches their individual learning styles.

The Academic Program Includes:

  • A full curriculum emphasizing both group and individual instruction in reading, math, spelling, and writing, as well as classes in science, social studies, music and the arts.
  • Nurturing relationships between teachers and students which foster academic growth and self-esteem
  • Daily opportunities for success in academic areas.
  • Service Learning component for personal development, interpersonal development, a sense of social responsibility and community building
  • Age appropriate grouping of students in classes.
  • Supplemental materials and instructional approaches designed to match a variety of learning styles and needs.
  • Emphasis on achieving a personal best.
  • Therapeutic solutions to help students learn to overcome, cope with, or compensate for any deficits in order to function at their optimum potential intellectually, academically, socially and emotionally.