You may request a hard copy admission packet by filling out the inquiry form or downloading the forms listed below. In addition to completing and submitting these forms, you must submit copies of any academic and psycho-educational assessments, Individual Educational Plans / Individual Service Plans, or other information that you feel would be important for us to know.

Complete Application Packet

Or download the individual elements:
Application for Admission-2011-12
Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
Student Questionnaire
Release of Information- School
Release of Information- Non-School
Schedule and Tuition 2012

Parents or guardians of students who are accepted to Park School will be asked to sign an enrollment contract. Tuition and payment options are outlined here. Families with financial need will find further information and an application here.

The Enrollment Contract includes the following provisions:

The parent/guardian will be expected to pay the full tuition and fees for any enrolled student. Tuition will not be refunded or cancelled in the event of withdrawal except by specific arrangement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Park School reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student who violates the rules of the school or who fails to maintain the academic standards of the school. In such cases, tuition will not be refunded or cancelled except by specific arrangement with the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Park School may withhold the transcript of the record of any student whose account is in arrears, and a student will not be permitted to take exams or participate in academic evaluations if his/her account is not current.